Radial Rocket TD / P85 / RG Fast Build Option

Get ahead in the construction of your Radial Rocket or P85! Save an estimated 500 hours of build time. With the Radial Rocket Fast-Build option, the majority of fuselage and wing primary structure is factory pre-assembled for you. In addition, horizontal stab spars and ribs are installed. With this option, your kit is delivered with:

• All major wing ribs installed and cap-stripped. (Forward and aft spars are installed in the Streamline Kit).
• Fuselage left and right halves joined and laminated.
• Firewall installed, with integral engine mount hardpoints installed.
• Engine mount support fittings installed.
• Fuselage forward rib installed.
• Belly pan cut from fuselage, attach flanges installed and belly pan cleco-fit to fuselage.
• Spars and ribs installed in horizontal stabilizer.

Fast Build Option Price: $129,995

” Elevator skins, upper and lower
” Fuselage skins, left and right
” Horizontal stab skins, upper and lower
” Rudder skins, left and right
” Aileron skins, upper and lower
” Flap skins, upper and lower
” Wing skins, upper and lower
” Wing tip skins, upper and lower
” Wing root fairings
” Fuel sump
” Fuel sump finger strainer fitting
” Fuel sump quick drain fitting
” Canopy / windshield
” Cowl, upper and lower halves
” Cowl inlet lip, upper and lower (Radial Rocket only – Not applicable to P85)
” Cowl scoop, lower
“Spinner dome (P85 only)
” Landing gear strut fairings
” Control stick torque tube assembly
” Copilot control stick socket assembly
” Pilot control stick
” Copilot control stick
” Elevator push-pull tube end Fittings
” Elevator hinges and hinge brackets
” Elevator torque tube assembly
” Elevator bellcrank
” Elevator bellcrank bearing spacers
” Engine mount (Radial Rocket only, optional for P85)
” Elevator, Aileron and rudder trim tab horns
” Aft baggage door J-arm hinges
” Rudder hinges
” Rudder actuator fitting
” Rudder tailwheel actuator bracket
” Rudder pedal weldments, pilot and co-pilot
” Pilot rudder pedal mount blocks
” Co-pliot ruder pedal mount angles
” Rudder cable with pre-installed swaged end fittings
” Rudder cable spring links
” Rudder cable links
” Rudder pedal weldment retainers
” Tie down fittings
” Canopy and Windshield
” Canopy latch assembly
” Canopy tracks and rollers
” Aft canopy pin mounts
” Forward canopy pin mounts
” Canopy roller mount plate
” Canopy roller plate
” Canopy latch handle weldment
” Canopy latch hook
” External canopy latch handle
” Forward canopy rollers threaded spacer
” Aft canopy rollers threaded spacer
” Aft canopy roller spacer
” Main landing gear struts and sockets
” Aileron bellcranks
” Aileron bellcrank attach angles
” Aileron push pull tube end fittings
” Aileron to bellcrank actuator push pull tubes
” Aileron hinges
‘ Aileron hinge brackets
” Aileron hinge actuator brackets
” Flap torque tubes and machined brackets
” Flap torque tube splice tube
” Flap tracks, inboard and outboard
” Flap link brackets
” Flap roller plates
” Flap actuator bracket
” Flap motor bracket
” Flap u-joint bushings
” Flap nylon spacer bushings
” Flap flange bushings
” Flap roller bushings
” Main spar fittings
” Main spar fitting attach angle weldments
” Aft spar fittings
” Aft spar fitting attch angles
” Tailwheel spring socket weldment
” Pilot seat back support weldment
” Pilot seat belt attach angles
” Copilot seat belt attach angles
” Horizontal stabilizer cradle templates
” Wing cradle templates
” Assembly Manual
” Access to the Private Radial Rocket Builders Forum Online

Radial Rocket Wing