Radial Rocket TD

The Radial Rocket TD combines nostalgic airframe design and radial engine sound with modern day materials and aerodynamics. The TD features a wide track landing gear stance and steerable tailwheel, both of which contribute to ease of ground handling. With pilot-in-command seating up front, on the aircraft centerline, visibility to either side of the round engine cowl is excellent, and is further aided by opening the sliding canopy for taxi operations.The Radial Rocket design started with the desire for a high performance, aerobatic, two-seat, radial engine powered fun machine that would also have excellent cross country speed, comfort, and utility. And oh yes, it had to evoke the look and feel of a radial engine fighter.

Power supplied by the M-14P radial engine completes the Radial Rocket design, providing outstanding aerobatic and cross country performance, accompanied by what some have described as the best sound in aviation.

The result is the Radial Rocket – a distinctive design blending style, sound and performance.

Flying the Radial Rocket is a truly exhilarating experience! Outstanding power-to- weight and thrust-to-weight ratios deliver impressive acceleration and short field takeoff capability, followed by awesome climb performance. A very clean airframe, with careful attention to aerodynamic detail, ensures fast and efficient cruise performance.

Radial Rocket TD Specifications

Seating / Two, Tandem
Engine / M-14PF, Nine Cylinder Radial, 400 HP
Prop / MT, 3 Blade, Constant Speed, 98 In. Diam.
Wingspan / 25.5 Ft.
Length / 22.2 Ft.
Cockpit Width / 34 In. Pilot, 30 In. Copilot
Wing Area / 90.8 Sq. Ft.
Empty Weight / 1650 Lbs.
Gross Weigth / 2550 Lbs.
Useful Load / 900 Lbs.
Baggage Capacity / 12 Cu. Ft.
Fuel Capacity / 70 Gals.
Cruise, High Speed / 230 Mph
Cruise, Economy / 200 Mph
Range, Econ. Cruise, 30 Min. Reserve / 1200 sm
Climb / 4000+ Fpm Solo, 3000+ Fpm Gross
Vso, Stall, Flaps Down / 70 Mph (61 Kts)
Vs1, Stall, Flaps Up / 85 Mph (74 Kts)
Vne, Never Exceed Speed / 280 Mph
G Limits / +6, -3 Limit ; +9, -6 Ultimate

Comfortable and spacious cockpit seating combines with superb visibility through the one piece bubble canopy to further enhance the Radial Rocket flying experience.

Precise, powerful control authority yields crisp aerobatic response – Ultimate sport aerobatic capability at your fingertips. When it is time to land, this same control authority, combined with a fully slotted flap design, results in solid and comfortable low-speed flying qualities.

The functional aspect of the Radial Rocket design begins with a spacious comfortable cockpit for pilot and copilot, even when wearing chutes and helmets (tall pilots are welcome!). A generous center of gravity envelope, combined with both forward and aft baggage areas, allows for maximum loading utility.

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The wide ranging performance envelope exhibited by the Radial Rocket demands an airfoil that can deliver both low and high speed performance. The Radial Rocket features a natural laminar flow airfoil designed to perform efficiently throughout the speed spectrum. Careful attention to the design of the fully slotted flap system leads to solid low speed capability and control. A tapered wing planform with a relatively high aspect ratio is an important contributor to overall efficiency. Structurally, the Radial Rocket’s one-piece wing yields maximum strength for minimum weight, while significantly reducing complexity and build time.

Primary aerodynamic controls are simple, reliable and precise. Elevators and ailerons are actuated via push-pull tubes. The rudder is cable actuated.

The Radial Rocket airframe is constructed primarily of high temperature, oven-cured molded composite panels utilizing a honeycomb core – light, strong and smooth, enabling a low drag, high performance design.

The Radial Rocket is available as a Streamline Airframe Kit. Customized builder assist services are available up to and including a ready to fly Radial Rocket. – Contact us for details.