The Formula GT prototype aircraft, designed by Jeff Ackland, was completed and first flown in April, 2001.

The GT shares its wing and horizontal tail planform/design with the Radial Rocket and P85. and exhibits similarly superb flying qualities and performance.

Although the prototype Formula GT was powered by a 260 HP Lycoming engine, few may know the GT was actually designed from the outset to utilize liquid cooled V8 engine technology. We think that the time is right to schedule introduction of an updated Formula GT design taking advantage of the same liquid cooled LS V8 engine architecture selected for the P85. The GT offers a side by side seating, and tricycle gear, for pilots preferring this configuration.

In addition to the photos on this page you can view video of the Formula GT by clicking on Main Menu “Videos“.

If you have interest in a cooperative effort to launch the V8 powered Formula GT,  contact us.

Photo at left is a “photo shopped” rendering of  a V8 powered Formula GT (with retract gear).